Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I think it's fair to say we are all beginning to feel tired, but there is so much to do and the excitement of what God can do in the lives of the people we meet keeps us going.

So what's happened so far?

We had a great day! The church was full and the young people glorified God in all that was done.

Morning service: We brought our cardboard testimonies with us as we wanted to begin the week by telling those in the church how we have been changed by God. Chris Baird spoke to the boys and girls sharing the importance of being prepared to run the race with God, then we took the boys and girls out to Sunday school which was run by a few of the team. John introduced the activities for the week and encouraged the church to join in with all that was planned. Stephen then spoke from 2 Tim. 1:1-8.

Evening service: We have a wonderful night of praise and testimony. Sarah Potts and Andy Martin shared their experiences of growing up as Christian's. There was a real sense of God's help upon both Sarah and Andy. John closed with a short challenge from Acts 17 - 'The God you don't know, I have come to proclaim to you'.

During the evening service we met a lady who had come to church for the first time as a direct result of the leaflets we sent out a week before we arrived. She loved the service and said that she was really challenged by all that she heard. She said she would come to the fun-day (which she did) and she has arranged to meet one of the church members next Sunday morning as she wants to come back to church. Please pray for this lady, that God will save her.

Fun-day. Even while we were still setting up, people began to arrive for the Fun-day. We had bouncy castles, games, nail painting, face painting, treasure hunt, church tours and a BBQ. Many people turned up for the day and we had great conversations, establishing relationships with many who have nothing to do with the church at present.

Our activities for the next three days began today; Holiday Bible Club, Beach outreach and Xpression. Unfortunately the the weather was very bad and we were not able to go onto the beach. Despite this, three children turned up to play on the beach and we brought them to the Holiday Bible Club instead. The weather forecast for the next two days is dry so we hope to begin Beach outreach tomorrow.
the holiday Bible club was great. There were 15 children (which is not bad for England!) and all who were involved delivered brilliantly. Pray that more boys and girls will come along on Weds and Thurs but more than that, that God would help all who are involved to deliver the gospel to the boys and girls in a way which they understand.
Despite the rain, the Xpression team headed out! They washed a couple of cars and got 5 or 6 jobs lined up for Wednesday. They delivered 150 tracts and on the whole had a very successful first day. Please pray for safety as they are involved in practical work. Pray that God will give them the words to say when they are talking to those whom they are doing jobs for.

An unsaved, non-church going man came into the church this morning. He has a neighbour, a retired minister who (in this mans words) "needs to get to church - his life seems as though it's not worth living when he doesn't get to church". The retired minister is 90 and this neighbour is burdened to bring him to church. We introduced him to a man from the church here, and he is bringing his neighbour on Sunday. He said he would stay with his neighbour for the service for the first couple of weeks - please pray that this man will be saved through his desire to help his neighbour.

Please continue to pray and thank you for all your prayer and support so far.

"...I am not ashamed..."

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