Monday, 19 November 2012

As Christmas approaches...

It's hard to believe that in only 5 weeks time it will be Christmas! Life is so busy and time seems to fly by.

Preparations are well under way for the Christmas Celebration on Saturday 22nd December at 7pm. The church choir are working hard, the children's choir are about to begin learning their songs and the all important scripts which will tell the good news of Jesus and His coming to earth are being written this week. We are praying that our Christmas celebration this year will once again point people to Jesus Christ; please pray with us.

Christianity Explored is also well under way. God is moving, and there are a number of unsaved attending each week. Please pray for the 15 or so unsaved/visitors that have come along so far; pray that they will feel welcome and that they will clearly see Jesus Christ, understanding all He has done for them and ultimately placing their trust in Him. Please continue to pray for the group leaders and all who are involved, we thank God for each one.

As we continue to do the work that God has called us to do here in Portadown, and as we approach another Christmas season, let's be encouraged, remembering all that God has done for us and remembering that the Lord our God will be with us wherever we go.

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