Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The week leading up to the cross

After Sunday morning's sermon, many have asked for notes regarding the layout of Easter week and the incredible parallels between the Passover instructions given by God to Moses in Exodus 12:1-6 and the events in the life of Jesus during the week leading up to His crucifixion.

The notes below are a summary of the sermon on Sunday morning; a recording of which will also be available in the media audio section in a week or so. 


                                                        6pm-6am = day, 6am-6pm = night
                                           12noon-3pm minor evening, 3pm-6pm major evening
                                                      Between the evenings/twilight = 3pm

Sabbath day – Saturday (sunset Fri-sunset Sat) Nissan/Aviv 9
Jesus arrives in Bethany six days before Passover (John 12:1)

First day - Sunday (sunset Sat-sunset Sun)  Nissan/Aviv 10
Jesus enters Jerusalem – triumphal entry (John 12:12 The next day…)
Returns to Bethany for the night (Mark 11:11)

Second day - Monday (Sunset Sun-sunset Mon)  Nissan/Aviv 11
On way to Jerusalem from Bethany, Jesus curses fig tree. (Mark 11:12f)
Jesus clears the temple. (Mark 11:15f)
Returns to Bethany or similar for the night (Mark 11:19)

Third day - Tuesday (Sunset Mon-sunset Tues)  Nissan/Aviv 12
Peter sees the fig tree that Jesus cursed is withered (Mark 11:20)
Many discussions, teachings, parables and testings. (Mark 11:27f)

Fourth day - Wednesday (Sunset Tues – sunset Weds)  Nissan/Aviv 13
Many discussions, teachings, parables and testings
Mark 14 (2 days before Passover)

Fifth day - Thursday (sunset Weds-sunset Thurs)  Nissan/Aviv 14
First day of feast of unleavened bread. (Matt 26:17, Mark 14:12, Luke 22:7,
Passover preparation Day – lambs slaughtered on this day at 3pm 
                                            (Ex. 12:6 between the evenings/Twilight – see box above)
Lord’s supper (Weds evening)
Mount of Olives – Gethsemane (Weds night)
Jesus betrayed (during night)
Jesus’ trial (during night) (Matt 26:59)
Peter’s denial (during night)
Jesus before Pilate and Herod (Morning – John 18:28, Luke 22:66) John 19:4
Jesus Crucified (Sixth to ninth hour = darkness) Luke 23:44, John 19:14
Jesus dies (Ninth hour, 3pm, between the evenings, twilight) Matt 27:46, 50. 

This is exactly the same time as the lambs all over Jerusalem were being slaughtered (see note above re Passover preparation day). As the lambs all across the city cried out, so did Jesus "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me."

Body laid in tomb (before sunset/before Sabbath – Mark 15:42, John 19:31f)

Sixth day - Friday (Sunset Thurs – sunset Fri)  PASSOVER Nissan/Aviv 15
First day of Passover (Passover meal eaten)
Day one and day seven of Passover = special Sabbath’s
Special Sabbath confirmation – John 19:31

Seventh day  - Saturday (Sunset Fri – sunset Sat)  Nissan/Aviv 16
Regular Sabbath

Thurs night, Fri night, Sat night.

First day (Sunset Sat – sunset Sun)  Nissan/Aviv 17
Empty tomb discovered

Read Exodus 12:1-6 and Numbers 9:12
 Below are the parallels between the Passover lamb and Jesus.